Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sunnyfields farmers market


I went to Sunnyfields farmers market today for the first time. It was a quiet day as there were a lot of events on today, including the Bournemouth air show. I only sold 2 crates of apples and 5 kg of Damson plums, but not too bad for a first visit on a quiet day, and a few people expressed interest in the apples and I directed them to this blog and the web site.

I expect to be at Sunnyfields ( most Saturdays from now to Christmas or until we run out of fruit this season whichever comes first.

Next Saturday I expect to have the last of this years Laxton's Epicure, some sweet yellow plums (unknown variety, believed to be Warwickshire Drooper) Ellisons Orange, Saint Edmund's Russet soime Bramleys and possibly a few other things, may even have a few hazel nuts form the orchard hedgerows. I will try to remember to bring a box or 2 of marked apples to offer half price for juicing. I may bring some unpasteurised apple juice if I can find time to pres some on Friday afternoon.

We also expect to be at Winchester farmers Market on the Sunday

web site for more details of varieties etc.

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