Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sad news, no Apple Day event this year

Bumzer! My right leg is in a cast following an Achilles tendon rupture 3 weeks ago. Tripped on a hotel staircase. Regrettably, I will be unable to walk without crutches and very great difficulty until at least October and by then will probably have lost so much calf muscle bulk I'll need another three months physio. So that's me out of action for the rest of this year.

Sorry, we have no option but to cancel the 2012 Apple Day exhibition and sale we usually hold in October at Durley Memorial Hall.

Also, there are no plums or pears this year due to sustained heavy rain on the blossom. In a normal year we'd be preparing for our first markets now, as it is we're debating cancelling our 'summer' holiday due to the prolonged filthy cold windy weather. It was going to be a walking and fishing break, now I can't do either. If we're going to stop indoors looking out the window at the rain, painting and reading, we might as well do it at home and save the drive to Cornwall and back.

When I know what markets we will have any apples for, I'll post a list here. Sorry.

I'm blogging about my injury and recovery on the YouTube channel, I hope to do a charity fundraiser for a third world orthopaedic and trauma charity, the British Palawan Trust to perhaps bring some good out of this.