Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hi, I'm back

Hi everyone. Sorry about my failure to respond to comments posted here, I will try to catch up.

Truth is I've had a busy year with work and family and I have been concentrating on my YouTube channel, which you can find easily enough. I am just a few views short of a million and almost 1,000 subscribers. The limited time I have interfacing with the world about my orchard has gone into this. And I lost my pasword, it got all conmplexified and I all but forgot about this blog.

The orchard is not in a happy state due to the drought and a severe infstation of red spider mite. I have just struggld throughthe logstics of gettnig some serious acaricide which Julia began applying today (I know, the women do all the hard work, I meanwhile was at the clinic earning money that keeps the apple project afloat).

I expect to post more often from now on, bt anyone interested in the week by week goings on at the orchard woudl be better off subscribing to my YouTube channel.

all the best, back shortly