Friday, 9 October 2009

coming markets

Sorry can't make Sunnyfields or the Netley Pumpkin and Autumn fair this weekend due to a reunion

Julia will be at Alton Farmers Market, she will have Suntan (sharp for eating just yet but great cooker) plus Sunset, Russets, Orleans Reinette, Kidd's Orange Red, probably a few Red Pippin (these have almost sold out, very popular. Our least 'heritage' apple, dating from just 1986, and we don't rate them highly for flavour compared to great apples like Orleans or Kidd's, but they are very atractively coloured and crunchy and this is a major selling point.)

Winchester FM in Sunday, where we will have a few of the long awaited MEDLARS. I may post a short YouTube about these with some recipe ideas. Also a few lucky people may get a Comice pear or 2. We only have the fruit from one espalier tree from our own private collection, only about 5 kg but such good specimens we'll offer most of them for sale and nibble on the rarer pears and misshapen ourselves. I have planted 30 more pear trees (Conference, Comice, Concorde and Beurre Hardy) which may begin to fruit lightly in 2010.

Next weekend is our Apple Day event at Durley Memorial Hall on Saturday 17th October from 10.30 15.00.

Julia will also be at Damerham Apple Day on Saturday 24th OCtober and the same day I will be back at Sunnyfields with apples and Juice, including some windfalls for very cheap as thre was a demand for these for home juicing, chutneys etc.

As before, anyone has any special orders, I don't want to give our home phone number out but post a comment here or email me on steveappleseed (at) hotmail (dot) which I check 2 or 3 times a week.

PS I also have to clear out some leftovers from a few little apple tree nurseries, and have some 2 year MM106 maidens on Winter King (Winston), Queen Cox, Pitmaston Pineapple and a couple of odds and ends on MM111 I don't want much for.

PS I will post links on request to any personal apple or fruit related website or blog, if asked, especially English ones. The more the merrier.

Enjoy the autumn

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