Tuesday, 27 October 2009


For various reasons, we are all but out of fruit and so have to pull out off all remaining markets this year except Sunnyfields this coming Saturday, the next 2 Winchesters and the next 2 Farehams. This is due to a somewhat low 2009 crop (Lord Lambourne failed dismally) fruit ripening quickly and not keeping well due to the very warm autumn, and extremely good sales with a lot of repeat customers.

we're really sorry, but had to make this decision as frankly we only just have enough apples for the above markets. We had hoped to have some Sturmer Pippin for the later markets but when we picked these yesterday it became clear that more than half of them suffered with bitter pit. This is a physiological disorder caused by trace element deficiency and irregular rainfall which makes the fruit taste bitter from brown spots in the flesh.
I may put up a video about bitter pit later, but for now it means we don't have any Sturmer Pippins, which means a premature end to our season. We would have held back our Winter Kings for later markets, but people really seem to like this on free tastings in October, so we are almost sold out of our late apples since we lost the mid season Lord Lambourne.
Very high specific gravities on the juice, due to warm autumn and reasonable summer sun levels, so there should be some good cider later. High sugar levels obviously can mean high alcohol levels, but also could mean some very naturally sweet ciders and also hopefully high flavour levels. I am only making 40 gallons for our own use and parties etc and wont be selling any cider, but I know someone who will be! A friend has taken most of our windfalls and half a ton of bittersweet west country cider apples and these are being made into cider which will be sold in 2010 under his own brand as a single orchard boutique cider from our apples. Contact details will go up later.

more later

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