Monday, 8 October 2012

Remaining 2012 markets

Belated details of our remaining markets for 2012 are as follows. These are all Winchester and Fareham Farmer's Markets, details can be Googled if you aren't sure.

Winchester Farmers Market Sunday 14th October 9-2. We will have Orleans Reinette, Kidd's Orange Red, Sunset, Egremont Russet, maybe a few others. We also have some nice Fruitwise Heritage Apples canvas bags which we are selling at £1 each, well below cost as we have a load left. Buy 3kg of apples and we'll give you one free.

Saturday 20th October Winchester Cathedral market 9-3

Sunday 28th October Winchester

Saturday 2nd November Fareham Farmer's Market 9-2

Subnday 11th November Winchester. We should have Sturmer Pippin and Winter King by then. As I wrote (8th October) they are still hanging on the trees.

Sunday 25th Winchester

Saturday 1st December Fareham

Sunday 9th December Winchester

Saturday 22nd December Fareham

Sorry we can't do any juice or cider apples this year. 2012 has been a very difficult year for us with my serious leg injury in June from which I am not quite recovered and with weather so appalling that its effect on agriculture of all kinds from honey to cereal has become a  major news story. We had no plums, no pears, drastically reduced crops of many apples.

We hope for better things and a much better information flow in 2013.


  1. Stephen - this is the 'other' Stephen Hayes, the "Leaving Nadderby" blog guy from Ohio, USA. I had tried to reach you via the Comment section before, but I think that I somehow managed to Reply to an earlier Reply - so who knows who got that note?

    I hope that you and your trees are doing well. In our region (we are near the state of Michigan, which is a huge apple supplier)apples of all varieties are rare, but those which exist have, according to most reports, been of a very high quality.

    Before I had first "met" you (via your comment on the Blog), I had been searching for someone who cares about trees - so yes, I wonder about "coincidence" also. I can be reached by email at - If there is a way I could send you a pic of the ONE (!)great tree we inherited when me moved to this house, I would appreciate any input you might have on future care for it. It is the best feature of the house, but I suspect that it has had very little attention paid to it for the last 10 years or so. I would like to give it a good chance to thrive while avoiding (if possible)any violent pruning.

    Anyway - I hope you are getting around better & that your leg continues to heal - I have enjoyed your blog. -(The Other)Steve Hayes

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  2. Stephen, I am living in the UK and keen to get in contact for some scion wood. Do you have an email which I might get in contact with you?

    Thanks, Chris

  3. Sorry I have forgotten this blog while concentrating on other issues. Find and contact me on stephen hayes at youtube. Will post 2013 apple sales dates here soon


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