Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hi everyone apple blossom is falling...

Wow, when am I going to stop taking the 'too busy, too tired, too much to do' tablets? In fact I got an estimate on the value of my NHS pension recently and its NEARLY enough to live on given we have no debt, some savings, modest expectations, enough income from my medical lecturing to pay for holidays. But my Protestant work ethic conscience tells me to keep doctoring 'til I drop. I think I need to re-train my conscience before I DO drop! I'll be reflecting on this during a forthcoming holiday.

Anyway, this is actually the first time I've even visited this blog since last autumn, I concentrate on the YouTube channel which is coming up to it's 3 millionth view. APOLOGIES to those who posted here ince then, I will reply to specific enquiries presently.

Blossom on the plums was great, but the frost and heavy rain since then has led to what looks like a small set. Julia also thinks the extreme dryness during blossom may have been an issue too. Dryest sunniest March ever followed by wettest coldest April on record.

'No one so surely pays his debt
As wet to dry, as dry to wet.'

I plan to post a video on the stephenhayesuk Youtube channel about that. Hope everyone's doing OK.

I read aloud an email from a friend who said he had been inspired to plant trees by my videos. this is high praise indeed, it means a lot to get an email of thanks like that. I honestly don't think I'm that brilliant a grower or teacher, more of a storyteller who likes the sound of his own voice, thrives on compliments (let's be honest!?!) and wants to pass the orchard blessing on. Thanks for agreeing that the story of our orchard is worth telling. I will probably continue to mostly tell it on the tube but will try to put sonme still images and notes up here, and of course our 2012 market details when they are clear. It will be mainly Winchester and Fareham Farmer's Markets as usual plus our Apple Day event, will post dates by midsummer.

As Arthur Ransom wrote in 'Rod and Line'

'Damson blossom had fallen and apple blossom was full in the orchard by the river'
see y'all.

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  1. I have been inspired to plant trees from your videos too. I was really moved by your quick walk through the orchard to describe some heirloom varieties, and how you lamented the loss of DNA from old apples. It was cool how you mentioned that it's kind of a gift from our ancestors; that was a nice thing to say. Some variety--whatever it is--that they enjoyed and kept alive is also worth keeping alive in our time as well. Thanks again for your videos. They are inspiring and your message is getting out there.


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