Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blossom due, even begun!!!

Its raining gently today, thanks God, but last week's very warm sunshine after a dry, mild March led to opening of the peach blossom (Julia planted 2 peaches by the apple store) and over the weekend the damson blossom is almost open. There is due to be a catastrophically beautifal show of bl;opssom on hte new pear orchard, where I am training to pyramids on an absolutel minimum pruning regime and there is tight fruit bud right to the tips of most of the pear trees. Its going to be the blossom show of the decade. Will post images later. Once again, the daytime job has got out of hand since November and I have been posting videos on YouTube so tended to neglect this blog, but will try to post some kind of orchard diary this growing season. Kind regards. PS an old friend came unexpectedly round last night asking for an apple tree. I told him thet Blackmoors had just sent out an email saying today was theuir last date for bare rooted orders as the season had moved on. Decided to let him have 2 young trees at his risk but will need watering like mad. It is now really too late to plant for this year. STOP PRESS Apple day and folk music even planned for Durley Memorial hall Saturday 29th October, tickets will be £7 in advance, £8 on the door and all profits for the noble recycling and development charity Tools for Self Reliance. Much more on this later but keep the date free.


  1. Hi,

    I just recieved root stock (M9, B9). They seem to be very "dormant", can I graft them directly or should I plant them and wait for the buds to evolve? Im living on the west coast of norway so spring is about two weeks later than spring in England. The root stock was created on the East cost of Norway where spring is about four weeks later than spring in England. I have to possibility of putting them in a green house.

    Best regards from Joe T.

  2. Hi Joe

    There are 2 views on this, if the stocks are very good quality, thick and healthy with good roots you can bench graft them (graft before planting) and plant the grafted stocks, or else plant them and either chip bud in august or graft next year.


    I prefer to grow on for a year and then graft, but the other 2 ways are acceptable also.

    I donlt recommend greenhouse, but thats because I know of nobody doing it, I don't know if it woudl be good or bad, suspect bad.

  3. We will start with among green beans.


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